Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just here for a moment

Hi, Guys! I am using the computer at the library in Arkansas. They will not allow me to use my laptop, I have to use theirs, which they would not allow me to use before because I did not have a PO box. No home delivery, so one must have a PO box in order to get a library card.
I just wanted to let you all know I have safely arrived at the cabin. I called yesterday to arrange for my internet and after AN HOUR AND A HALF, I have it set up, but it will be the end of next week, or possibly the following Monday, before it is set up. Sheesh, I love the slower pace here, but that is a bit much, in my opinion! Anyway, I will be back as soon as I am online. Thanks for hanging in with me. No time to answer comments or check any blogs, my dog is in the car, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you.
Hugs and blessings

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I escaped!!! (Don't pay the ransom!!)

Hello, dear friends! I am so sorry to have been MIA. Big changes going on in my life! I "escaped" to Northeast Arkansas, intending to be gone a few days, and ended up staying for weeks! No internet. That was the bad part of the whole thing. Here is what happened:
My oldest daughter, Donna, was widowed some years back. She had lived near New Orleans for years, but wanted a change, so she bought a precious log cabin in AR. She lived there for a few years, but missed her kids and grandkids in LA, so she went back down there, and put a tenant in her cabin. Fast forward, Donna is remarried, with no plans to ever leave LA. The tenant turned out to be a nightmare, and did a lot of damage to the cabin. We finally got him out (actually, he went to jail, which helped get rid of him). I went down intending to spend a couple of days cleaning and supervising the repairs. But I so love  it down there, always have, so I kept extending my time. Then Donna came for four days, to list the property. Long story made not quite so long, I have decided to sell my huge house here, and buy a cabin in Arkansas! Not Donna's cabin, as it is two-story, which is not good at my age. OK for now, but not looking into the future. So I am searching for a cute little cabin of my own, something secluded in the woods, but not totally isolated from civilization. There are lots of suitable properties available, I just have to get mine sold. Since the market is not great, I am going to auction mine off, probably in late June or early July. That way I have a definite date for selling. I will set a  minimum that I am willing to accept. Of course, there is no guarantee that I will get my minimum, so I might not be able to sell it, but I am going to set the minimum low enough that I am very hopeful. And if it doesn't sell, I will just list it with a real estate agent and stay on in Donna's cabin until mine does sell. I don't think her's will sell right away, as it is more expensive than most around there.
Anyway, I have had no internet!! I tried to get on at the closest  McDonald's, but for some reason,  my laptop wouldn't get online there. I am at my house in Missouri now, picking up a load of things I need for the cabin. I have basically been camping there, with not much more than a few clothes and a toothbrush.  I am heading back down there tomorrow, and will have internet put in as soon as possible, now that I am definitely staying. My daughter, Sandy, is taking care of my property here.
I have missed you all so much, and appreciate you hanging in with me. I am taking lots of pictures of the damage that idiot did to the cabin, and the repairs I/we are making. Of course, you are all invited to tag along as I house hunt, and hopefully get settled in a new home of my own. I am going to look for something about a third of the size of my current house, which is 3000 sq ft. So I am going to be doing a LOT of clearing out and disposing of belongings. I am so looking forward to a fresh start!
I hope you are all well and happy. I don't have time right now to catch up on all your blogs, but I will just as soon as I get the internet in, hopefully within the next week.   I thank you all for coming by.

Hugs and blessings